Go Ducks – National Signing Day

National signing day has come and gone.  How did Oregon do this year?

Let me start by saying Coach Mark Helfrich did an awesome job to bring in some high quality players.  Probably one of the best is Haniteli Lousi, a junior college transfer and 4-star recruit.  But, Lousi is not the only highly regarded player who will be donning green next year.

Coach Helfrich was able to bring in cronerback Arrion Springs, also a four star recruit.  Springs turned down opportunities to play in his home state of Texas to come and join the Ducks.  You know the Coach worked a little magic to make that happen.

Best Beard Trimmer

Remington MB4040 beard clipperIf you are looking for the best beard trimmer available today, I’ve got a site you need to check out:  RuneMall.com.  These guys have put together an awesome comparison chart of the top 10 beard trimmers and have done some in-depth reviews of some of the different men’s grooming tools that are on the market.

If you keep facial hair, you need to make sure you are keeping it properly groomed.  Let me be perfectly frank:  you will not get a job or a lady if you look unkempt, lazy or perhaps a touch crazy.  No one wants to hire a mountain man and no woman would want to date a guy who doesn’t have enough self-respect to keep himself presentable.

I’ve had a beard for about five years.  The clippers I used at first were just regular hair clippers with a normal length guard put on them.  It did an ok job, but nothing to get excited about.  A girl I was dating at the time bought me the Remington MB4040 beard trimmer for my birthday.  Initially, I was a little hurt because I thought she was suggesting I looked like a slob.  But then I tried it out…

Without a doubt, I got the best beard trimming of my life with those clippers.  I was in love – both with the clippers and her.  Fast forward to today.  She’s gone but the Remington clippers are not.  She broke my heart, but the trimmers are still running strong.  I guess it just proves that good tools will last forever, while a woman’s affections can be fickle.  Regardless, you should check out the RuneMall.com site.  They have other reviews if you like brands other than Remington.  Just because I like mine, doesn’t mean you won’t find something you like a little better.